NEW VERSION just released (v1.1) – Now includes bonus multiplier!  Tap super fast to increase the multiplier 😀

Phone-Tap is a crazy clicking gaphonetapmockupme for Mobile-Phone sales people to prove their worth!

Available now on Google Play

Download from Google Play now






Each tap of the mobe counts as a sale.  The more sales you get, the more upgrades you can buy, and the more staff you can recruit.

Upgrades increase the value of each tap.

Staff will automatically tap the phone for you!

Includes: Online high scores.



After two weeks of toil, untold upset, frustration, lost sleep, and neglected wife and kids, I am finally almost ready for a public release of Phone-Tap!

Latest updates:

  • Upgrade store tween animations complete.  The store now fades, scales and slides into position when selected, and the upgrade items elegantly slide into place from the side of the screen. Hit the back button to back out.
  • AdMob banner and Chartboost Interstitial ads successfully implemented.
  • “UzmaDesign Loading” splash-screen implemented
  • Background music 😀
  • “Tap tap” sound effects (yes, it IS actually me making those noises! – digitally enhanced to fit the game)
  • Put a heads-up post on Linkedin

Here’s a close-up:

phonetap screenshot



Recruitment StoreScreenshot_2015-07-02-00-52-43

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