Aaargh! Ducks!

An exciting, fun and addictive duck-shoot mini game.  Practice hard to get your name to the top of the leader-board, and to be awarded with the secret hidden achievements!

Available now on Google Play

Download from Google Play now




Aaargh! Ducks!  Is my third game to be published.  It has thrilling animations, social and global leader-boards, and secret hidden achievements. Can you collect all 9!?

Download it from Play Store now, and don’t forget to leave a good rating!  It all helps. :) Thanks for playing!








What have people been saying about Aaargh! Ducks!?

“Simple and addictive!
I had to keep playing until I hit #1.” – Steve


“Nice little mini game!” – Funnell7


“Simple and fun. Nice work!” – Ortu


“Great little app CJB!  Just reached top spot! How long will I be the top duck shooter?” – Rick


“What have you done??? I installed it. Now my whole family is crazy about this game.
Simple but with fun factor.
Well done.
My son (8) asked me to say that the game is great. ” – MB


“Excellent work, great fun.” – SC


“I hate it. It takes up ridiculous amounts of my time trying to be #1again. It should be banned.
Kidding of course, I’m just mad I can’t beat the top scores. Extremely addictive” – BV

Available now on Google Play

Download from Google Play now

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